Coral Reefs

Coral Reefs

Published by Springer, Coral Reefs is the official journal of International Society for Coral Reef Studies. This quarterly publication provides a venue for multidisciplinary research across the broad fields of reef studies, with relevance to modern and/ or ancient reefs.

Editor-in-chief: Professor Rolf P.M. Bak

Editorial Assistant: Dr Elizabeth H. Gladfelter

Geology Editor: Professor Bernhard Riegl

Biology Editors: Dr Glenn Almany, Dr. Anastazia Banaszak, Dr Ruth D. Gates, Dr Stephen Swearer, Dr Hugh Sweatman, Dr Mark J.A. Vermeij, and Dr Mark E. Warner

Environmental Editor: Dr Robert van Woesik

Ecology Editor: Professor Mark Hay

Editorial Board: Dr. Serge Andrefouet, Dr. Marlin Atkinson, Dr. Iliana Baums, Dr. Michael Berumen, Prof. Barbara Brown, Dr. Richard Dodge, Dr. Terry Done, Dr. Peter Edmunds, Dr. Christine Ferrier-Pages, Prof. Bruce Fouke, Prof. Eberhard Gischler, Dr. Richard W. Grigg , Dr Alastair Harborne, Dr. Dennis Hubbard, Dr. Howard Lasker , Dr. Harilaos A. Lessios , Dr. Janice M. Lough, Dr. Maggy Nugues, Dr. Morgan Pratchett, Dr. Kimberly B. Ritchie, Dr. Randi Rotjan, Dr Stuart A. Sandin, Prof. George Stanley, Dr Peter Swart, Dr. Alina M. Szmant, and Dr. Hiroya Yamano

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Best Paper Award

Each year the editorial board of Coral Reefs votes on The Best Paper. The Best Paper Award includes a certificate, a glass trophy, and a cash prize of EUR1000.

Past Recipients

2011 (Coral Reefs, Volume 30)

HPA Sweatman, S. Delean, C. Syms 
Assessing loss of coral cover on Australia's Great Barrier Reef over two decades, with implications for longer-term trends 
Coral Reefs, Volume 30: 521-531

2010 (Coral Reefs, Volume 29)

KE Fabricius, K Okaji and G De'ath 
Three lines of evidence to link outbreaks of the crown-of-thorns seastar Acanthaster planci to the release of larval food limitation 
Coral Reefs, Volume 29: 593-605

2009 (Coral Reefs, Volume 28)

SK Wilson, AM Dolman, AJ Cheal, MJ Emslie, MS Pratchett, HPA Sweatman 
Maintenance of fish diversity on disturbed coral reefs 
Coral Reefs, Volume 28: 3-14

2008 (Coral Reefs, Volume 27)

JEN Veron
Mass extinctions and ocean acidification: biological constraints on geological dilemmas
Coral Reefs, Volume 27: 459-472

2007 (Coral Reefs, Volume 26)

JC Mieog, MJH van Oppen, NE Cantin, WT Stam, JL Olsen
Real-time PCR reveals a high incidence of Symbiodinium clade D at low levels in four scleractinian corals across the Great Barrier Reef: implications for symbiont shuffling
Coral Reefs, Volume 26: 449-457

2006 (Coral Reefs, Volume 25)

Marcus Sheaves
Is the timing of spawning in sparid fishes a response to sea temperature regimes?
Coral Reefs, Volume 25: 655-669

2005 (Coral Reefs, Volume 24)

A Tribollet, S Golubic
Cross-shelf differences in the pattern and pace of bioerosion of experimental carbonates exposed for 3 years on the northern Great Barrier Reef, Australia.
Coral Reefs, Volume 24:422-434

2004 (Coral Reefs, Volume 23)

L Penland, J Kloulechad, D Idip, R van Woesik
Coral Spawning in the western Pacific Ocean is related to solar insolation.
Coral Reefs, Volume 23:133-140

2003 (Coral Reefs, Volume 22)

JM Guinotte, RW Buddemeier, and JA Kleypas
Future coral reef habitat marginality: temporal and spatial effects of climate change in the Pacific basin.
Coral Reefs, Volume 22: 551-558

2002 (Coral Reefs, Volume 21)

PL Munday
Does habitat availability determine geographical-scale abundances of coral-dwelling fishes?
Coral Reefs, Volume 21: 105-116

2001 (Coral Reefs, Volume 20)

WK Fitt, BE Brown, ME Warner, and RP Dunne
Coral bleaching: interpretation of thermal tolerance limits and thermal thresholds in tropical corals.
Coral Reefs, Volume 20: 51-65

2000 (Coral Reefs, Volume 19)

KRN Anthony
Enhanced particle-feeding capacity of corals on turbid reefs (Great Barrier Reef, Australia)
Coral Reefs, Volume 19: 59-67